3 DIY Ways to Maintain Your Own Air Conditioner

3 DIY Ways to Maintain Your Own Air Conditioner

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A Maintained Air Conditioner is a Happy Air Conditioner

Keeping your air conditioner healthy goes beyond regular tune-ups. Check your cooling system between maintenance and service calls, to keep it healthy and operating efficiently for many years.

You can perform some easy DIY maintenance tasks on your air conditioner to reduce the chance of HVAC repairs in the future, and to give your unit a boost during the summer months.

Estes Services knows the importance of maintenance, whether performed on your own or by one of our licensed professionals. We offer help with service, maintenance plans, and emergency HVAC repairs whenever the need arises.

Maintenance Tasks for Homeowners

An air conditioner struggling to cool your home can indicate many problems, if left unchecked by a NATE-certified expert. Airflow restrictions, low refrigerant levels, and damaged components interfere with your unit’s performance.

A Maintenance Membership Plan from Estes Services is your number-one solution to prevent issues from occurring. However, in between regular maintenance and tune-ups, you can keep your air conditioner running smoothly by performing these three DIY tasks:

  1. Filter Maintenance: Check your filter every month, and replace or clean it every 2 to 3 months. The filter keeps your indoor air quality healthy, and it helps your cooling system perform efficiently by reducing the number of particulates circulating throughout the unit and ductwork. A dirty or clogged filter will reduce airflow, causing your air conditioner to work harder to deliver ideal temperatures throughout your home.
  2. Remove Debris: Your exterior unit holds the most important component of your air conditioner, the AC compressor. Although the outside equipment is designed to withstand all sorts of inclement weather, it can become damaged if the unit isn’t checked regularly.

    Start by clearing away any excess debris around and on the unit, such as limbs, branches, twigs, leaves, and grass clippings. Smaller material can get inside the exterior unit and prevent the AC compressor from cooling. 

    Next, trim any vegetation near the unit to reduce the chance of damage from either fallen branches or debris cluttering on it. 

    A general rule for landscaping around your outdoor unit is to keep at least 2 feet of space clear from your equipment. This allows your unit to breathe throughout the day and reduces the amount of debris to clean off later.

  3. Clean the Coils: Just like removing debris from the exterior unit, the coil needs to be clean to maintain cool temperatures in your home. Once debris has been removed, and the power has been turned off, gently spray the exterior unit with a hose. 

    Take extra care to not use too much water pressure, which can damage the metal fins on the outside unit. If you are worried about how fragile the fins are or the possibility of damaging them, vacuum them with a soft brush attachment instead of hosing the unit down.

Keeping your air conditioner healthy and happy between maintenance calls will keep your energy bills lower, and it will ensure your unit’s life is extended. If you are concerned about performing any of the above tasks on your own, or you notice issues with your air conditioner’s performance, call Estes Services today. Our NATE-certified technicians are trained to handle any issue, and they will offer affordable solutions to keep your air conditioner running smoothly throughout the summer.