5-Point Checklist to Keep Your Heat Pump or Furnace Happy

5-Point Checklist to Keep Your Heat Pump or Furnace Happy

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A happy heat pump or furnace allows any homeowner to weather upcoming winter storms and cold temperatures. Knowing the needs of your heat pump or furnace is the first step towards energy-efficiency in the home.

Estes Services NATE-certified technicians waiting to help you manage your HVAC system. Additionally, our Estes Family Care Plans are successful building blocks to sustaining comfort during different seasons.

Furnaces and heat pumps need to be checked for proper functionality. Below are 5 ways to make sure your furnace or heat pump continues to work correctly throughout the year.

1-Check and Change Furnace Filters Regularly

Check the filter every month during peak usage of your HVAC system (especially winter and summer). If the filter appears dirty, change it. Replace your filter every two to three months on average. When dirt builds up in the filter, the furnace will have to work harder, raising the risk of failed components.

2-Clear Obstructions From Inside/Outside Vents and Intakes

Check inside vents and air intakes to make sure no furniture, rugs, or drapes interfere with the air flow. If working with a heat pump, check the outside equipment to make sure no leaves, dirt, or pine needles are stuck in the grille.

Grilles can be easily cleaned. First, turn off power to the unit. Second, remove the grille. Third, vacuum out the inside of the unit.

3-Install a Programmable Thermostat

Manual thermostats are inefficient because they keep the temperature in the home the same even when no one is home or everyone is sleeping. So, use a programmable thermostat to select desired settings throughout the day and night, or upgrade to a smart thermostat. This reduces energy use and energy bills.

4-Schedule Regular Tune-Ups For a Heat Pump or Furnace

Regularly scheduled furnace maintenance in Atlanta or a heat pump tune up will ensure that the equipment will run efficiently throughout the season. Routine wear and tear is addressed, and any major problems are spotted and solved before the homeowner is in the midst of a severe winter.

5-Seal and Clean Ductwork

Call our Estes Services professionals to have your ductwork sealed and cleaned. Older ductwork can allow excessive dirt, pollens, and even mold to infiltrate the furnace or heat pump. These irritants can produce poor air quality and cause expensive repairs to HVAC equipment.

Estes Services Has the Furnace Expertise You Need

Furnaces and heat pumps work at their best when homeowners follow the above five tips. So, allow Estes Services to help you maintain your HVAC system with a maintenance plan. Call Estes Services today to speak with our NATE-certified technicians!