6 Ways to Improve Atlanta Office Air Quality in Winter

6 Ways to Improve Atlanta Office Air Quality in Winter

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The winter cold season in Atlanta is approaching - what's the status of your air quality? Illnesses can spread like wildfire throughout an office environment, especially when indoor air quality is poor. With improved indoor air quality, or IAQ for short, you'll keep your workforce healthier this year and increase productivity!

IAQ is directly tied to employee comfort and performance in the workplace. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, poor air quality causes a loss in productivity in the average building. In the winter, IAQ is especially important due to the higher volume of viruses and germs brought in by employees or visitors.

Air Quality Improvement Tips

These IAQ solutions help manage the spread of illnesses this winter and improve your office environment.

#1 - Improved Ventilation for Better Air Quality

Ventilation systems are a valuable asset for office environments. They bring fresh air into the workplace and expel stagnant, polluted air. With the right solutions in place, a good ventilation system moves viruses and germs out of the office.

Commercial make-up air units work well in multi-level buildings and keep air pressure balanced. Also, energy recovery ventilation units keep your office supplied with fresh air without heating and cooling energy loss.

#2 - HVAC Maintenance Improves Air Quality

Preventative HVAC maintenance protects your investment in commercial heating and cooling equipment and improves indoor air quality as well. Additionally, poor HVAC system upkeep is a major contributor to poor IAQ.

During a preventative maintenance tune-up for your commercial HVAC equipment, the total system is inspected and tuned up for proper performance. Technicians also identify and fix sources of IAQ contamination, such as duct leaks and improper venting.

Preventative HVAC maintenance should be performed each fall before the heating season, as well as during the spring for cooling systems.

#3 - Balanced Humidity Equals Better Air Quality

The winter air can be naturally very dry, causing low indoor moisture levels. Dry air increases the spread of allergens, viruses, and bacteria. Consequently, this contributes to illness amongst your workforce.

Building humidification systems add needed moisture to the air, and balance relative humidity levels properly between 30 to 50 percent.

#4 - Air Purifiers Increase Air Quality

There are many types of air purifiers available to treat contaminants in your office space. Many offer up to 99 percent effective removal of particulates including viruses, germs, and allergens. So, install a whole-building air purification system or use portable air purifiers around the office to deliver cleaner, healthier air to your workspaces.

#5 - Air Sensing Devices Improve Air Quality

Use air sensing devices with your building automation system to best control your HVAC equipment for optimal air quality improvement. These sensors detect occupancy and carbon dioxide levels within your office.

Then, they initiate HVAC system operations to improve IAQ and reduce energy waste.

#6 - Enforce Sick Policies to Improve Air Quality

Many workers still come to work sick in the winter for many reasons. Therefore, make sure your workplace has a worker-friendly sick policy and you enforce it to stop the spread of illness throughout your workplace.

Explore viable work-from-home options. Ensure your employees know if they are truly sick, they should remain home. A "pitch-in" does not mean the transport of viruses or germs into the office to affect other workers.

Estes Commercial Improves Your Heating, Cooling, and Air Quality

Keep your workforce healthier this winter with steps to improve IAQ in your office. Estes Commercial provides quality solutions and services to help you create a healthier office environment - so contact us today. We serve the greater Atlanta area, including Johns Creek, Kennesaw, Roswell, Druid Hills, Marietta, and Decatur.