A HOT Gift This Valentine’s Day Is the Gift of Maintenance!

A HOT Gift This Valentine’s Day Is the Gift of Maintenance!

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Valentine’s day is approaching and everyone is making big plans! You should consider being proactive and purchasing an HVAC maintenance plan for your home. The benefits that come with a maintenance plan are more than just for your heating and cooling system. Instead of dealing with unexpected malfunctions with your HVAC system, you and your family get to spend more time together. Estes Services offers HVAC maintenance plans that are affordable and performed by NATE-certified technicians. Consider what’s best for your home and family, call Estes Services to learn more about our HVAC maintenance plans.

Increased Energy Efficiency

An HVAC maintenance plan improves the efficiency of your current heating and cooling system. Regular care of your system keeps your components in tip-top shape and allows it to run at its highest efficiency possible. You will experience more consistent temperatures, regardless of the outdoor climate and use less energy to heat or cool your home. The less energy consumed and wasted will save you money on your monthly energy bill.

Improved System Performance

Just like increased energy efficiency, your equipment will function better with an HVAC maintenance plan. A technician will inspect your unit on a regular basis and discover if anything is damaged during the maintenance call. Your HVAC system becomes dirty from debris that builds up over time and that debris can damage components inside your unit, causing your system to work harder to maintain even temperatures throughout your home.

Your airflow also becomes compromised when debris clogs the air ducts, preventing your system from circulating air properly. Clogged air ducts lead to a system overheating and possible components melting inside your unit. A system that overheats can be a fire hazard, putting you and your loved ones at risk. Regularly scheduled maintenance prevents clogs from occurring and your system from overheating. Fewer problems during the year from your HVAC system improve your unit’s performance on a daily basis.

Healthier Indoor Air

The main defender of your home’s indoor air quality is the filtration system in your heating and cooling system. An HVAC maintenance plan includes a filter inspection and replacement if your filter is dirty or clogged. A clean filter will improve your indoor air quality and the health of your family. The filter is responsible for trapping and eliminating pollutants, such as pollen, dust, mold and other contaminants. When the filter becomes compromised and can’t perform its filtration duties, these pollutants are circulated throughout your home repeatedly.  

In most cases, your HVAC filter should be changed more often than twice a year. Depending on the type of filter you have, Estes Services’ technicians will suggest how often to replace or clean the filter between scheduled maintenance calls. You will experience healthy indoor air when you regularly check and replace your heating and cooling system filter.

Fewer HVAC Repairs

Your heating and cooling system will experience fewer breakdowns and system failures with an HVAC maintenance plan. Our NATE-certified technicians are trained to know what to look for when they inspect a system. They will spot any components that are damaged and discuss replacement or repairs during the call, leaving your system cleaner and healthier until the next maintenance call. Small problems are caught and dealt with inexpensively during routine maintenance. When the problems aren’t caught early, they escalate into larger, expensive issues, occurring unexpectedly and interrupting your family’s lives.

Extended Lifespan of Your System

An HVAC maintenance plan prolongs your unit’s life every time it’s serviced. The costly repairs and breakdowns are kept at bay, allowing your system to run easily without disruption. Maintenance is performed at least twice a year on your system and provides your unit with the help it needs to perform longer. You will have peace of mind knowing your HVAC system won’t have to be replaced early, causing a financial burden to your family.

It may not be top of mind when you hear “Valentines’ Day,” but give a gift that keeps on giving with an HVAC maintenance plan for your system. Contact Estes Services today and have our NATE-certified technicians show you what our Maintenance Membership Plan will provide for you and your family.