A New Year Can Come With New Air

A New Year Can Come With New Air

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Make a New Year’s resolution to get the most out of your furnace this year! No matter what the season, your furnace will run longer with improved energy efficiency from a furnace inspection and maintenance. Estes Services offers excellent furnace maintenance performed by licensed and experienced professionals. For residents in and around Atlanta, you are just a phone call away from getting the best service possible! Discover the benefits of furnace maintenance and have a furnace inspection to prevent problems in the coming year.

Advantages of a Furnace Inspection

You should have your furnace inspected at least once or twice a year during your scheduled preventive maintenance. A furnace inspection will test your current system’s efficiency and discover anything that is hindering the performance of your furnace. A furnace that isn’t operating at its best costs you money with wasted energy and expensive furnace repairs.

A maintained furnace will boost your indoor air quality and keep you and your family healthy during the winter.  A furnace inspection offers suggestions for keeping humidity levels in check and ways to reduce allergens inside your home.

Furnace Maintenance Benefits

  • Boost Furnace Performance:
    • Furnace maintenance discovers where your system’s problems are and regular maintenance boosts your system’s performance. Furnace maintenance catches potential issues that cause your system to work harder to heat your home.  
  • Healthy Indoor Air:
    • Regular furnace maintenance checks your filters and changes or cleans them before they become clogged. A clean filter allows your furnace to provide healthy indoor air throughout your entire home, and keeps air moving correctly through the system to improve energy efficiency. Proper filter maintenance reduces allergens, dirt, debris, and other contaminants that get cycled through your furnace.
  • Fewer Furnace Repairs:
    • Scheduling regular furnace maintenance reduces problems that might occur in the future.  Breakdowns and repeated HVAC repairs arise when a furnace isn’t adequately maintained. Our trained professionals will keep your system running smoothly this winter with a maintenance membership plan. Call us to find out more information!
  • Longer Furnace Life:
    • Common sense tells us when something is maintained and cared for, it will last longer. The same is true of your furnace; regular maintenance lengthens the life of your furnace.  A furnace without check-ups may have more breakdowns and costly repairs in the future.

Ring in the New Year with a furnace inspection to keep your system happy and healthy! Schedule your furnace maintenance with Estes Services.  Our experienced and trusted technicians are ready to keep your home warm this winter and keep your indoor air quality high!