Flu Season Absenteeism in Atlanta? Use Commercial HVAC to Fight Back

Flu Season Absenteeism in Atlanta? Use Commercial HVAC to Fight Back

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Absenteeism due to illness negatively affects productivity for businesses throughout the Atlanta area. When the flu hits, attendance drops, leaving businesses without the workforce needed to care for customers and complete projects. Our NATE-certified commercial HVAC technicians help you fight the flu with your commercial HVAC system for a healthier workplace.

The flu poses a major expense to businesses in Atlanta and throughout the country. Flu-related illnesses account for approximately 111 million lost work days, at the cost of around $7 billion to businesses. Fight back to keep your workforce healthier and reduce lost work days.

Media Air Cleaners for Commercial HVAC Systems

Is your commercial building equipped with filtration strong enough to remove the flu virus from your air? Media air cleaners designed for use with commercial HVAC equipment provide greater filtration than standard furnace filters. Higher MERV-rated filters, such as those rated 13 and above, remove pollutants as small as sneeze particles that carry viruses and other illness-causing germs.

Media air cleaners use filter media to trap illness-causing particles circulating through the air in your building and commercial HVAC system. With these contaminants removed, your workforce is protected from their recirculation, and your indoor areas are kept cleaner and healthier.

Estes Commercial has a variety of media air cleaning solutions compatible with commercial HVAC systems. Our NATE-certified technicians evaluate your workplace and indoor air quality issues to propose the best solutions for your needs.

UV Lights and Commercial HVAC Systems

The flu virus and others readily travel through circulated air in commercial buildings. Ultraviolet lights installed within commercial HVAC systems destroy these harmful particulates as they pass through the system.

UV light air cleaners neutralize viruses, germs, bacteria and mold. Therefore, this prevents them from passing back into workspaces and re-infecting workers.

How do UV lights work? The ultraviolet energy they emit disrupts viruses and other particles on a cellular level. This renders them dead and unable to reproduce. Active viruses are effectively neutralized and destroyed.

Humidifiers for Commercial HVAC Systems

Natural dryness during wintertime and the use of heating systems create extremely dry indoor environments. In drier air, microbes such as illness-causing viruses, bacteria and germs linger and increase the likelihood they infect workers.

Dryness in the workplace also produces other symptoms which lead to employee absences, such as sinus and respiratory irritations.

Humidifiers work with HVAC systems to add much-needed moisture to the air. The air passing through the system absorbs moisture and circulates throughout your building.

Energy Recovery Ventilators for Commercial HVAC Systems

It's especially important to Improve ventilation in commercial buildings during flu season so harmful airborne particulates leave your indoor air supply. An energy recovery ventilator exhausts stale, virus-laden air. Finally, it brings in the fresh air and conserves your heating energy.

Estes Commercial has the commercial HVAC solutions you need to establish a healthier workplace and reduce absenteeism this flu season. So contact us today to discuss commercial HVAC solutions for improved health.