Heat Pump Fall Break Plans

Heat Pump Fall Break Plans

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As the seasons change in Georgia, your heat pump gears up for a temperature drop. It’s best to schedule a tune-up to ensure heat pumps can handle the switch from air conditioning mode to heating mode. Heat pumps don’t get a break between seasons. This can leave it prone to more breakdowns when you need ideal temperatures the most.

Estes Services offers affordable tune-ups, maintenance and repairs for heat pumps and other heating equipment. Our NATE-certified experts make sure your unit performs efficiently and delivers precise temperatures throughout your home. Let’s review the signs to watch for when heat pump service and possibly repairs are needed.

Common Heat Pump Troubles

Heat pumps experience a variety of problems, and the most common heat pump issues are easily avoided with regular maintenance. Call Estes Services and schedule service on your heat pump if you notice the following:

Heat Pump Does Not Start

Non-functional heat pumps might not receive power. Or, it may receive poor communication from the thermostat. Tune-ups on heat pumps check the power source and your circuit breaker. Our technicians also look for any frayed wires around your unit.

Heat Pump Makes Strange Noises

Typically, heat pumps perform quietly in the background and emit only low noises which blend in with your surroundings. If you notice rattling sounds, there might be loose hardware or parts inside.

If the noise sounds more like grinding or squealing, the motor bearings might be worn down. Our licensed professionals listen for strange noises and diagnose any potential issues during a tune-up on heat pumps.

Heat Pump Does Not Blow Warm Air on Heat Setting

The air ducts and filters in your heating and air equipment need to be clear of dirt, dust and other debris to transfer heat from one place to another. Our HVAC professionals clean heat pumps during a tune-up so it produces and moves sufficient heat throughout your home.

Schedule Heat Pump Service When Red Flags Are Present

Before the cold temperatures and chilly winds arrive, call Estes Services to schedule a tune-up this fall. If you already suspect problems, it’s not too late to schedule service for your heating and air unit. Other warning signs heat pumps need a break include:

  • Excess Moisture and Leaks
  • Lukewarm and  Humid Air
  • Unusual Odors
  • Short Cycling
  • Uneven Temperatures
  • Increased Energy Bills
  • Overdue Maintenance Service

Call Estes Services – Heat Pump Experts in Atlanta

Now you know some common problems and what signs to watch for, you will have more control over your heat pump’s performance and lifespan. Keep your home comfortable this fall and winter with a tune-up before the holiday rush! Call Estes Services now!