Heating and Air Companies Insider Info: Zoning in Your Atlanta Home

Heating and Air Companies Insider Info: Zoning in Your Atlanta Home

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Heating and air companies are here to help the greater Atlanta consumer research and choose which HVAC systems work best for them. Zoned HVAC systems are newer options and enable homeowners to see significant savings and efficiency all throughout the year.

Need a new HVAC system or to upgrade the old system contact local heating and air companies near you for help? Estes Services is a local HVAC company with well-qualified professionals who can assist homeowners about zoned HVAC system decisions.   

Heating and Air Companies Zoning 101

What is a zoned HVAC system?

An HVAC zoning system is a heating and cooling unit which uses dampers in the ductwork to control and redirect air to precise areas of a home. The zoning system divides a home into two or more separate zones. These zones allow the homeowner to control temperatures for individual areas as needed.

How do zoned HVAC systems work?

Heating and air companies install electronically controlled dampers in the ductwork. Valves adjust the dampers to control the flow of heated and cooled air throughout the home. Thermostats in each zone control the dampers.

When the temperature drops below the setting, the thermostat tells the damper to open and releases air into the room. Once you meet the specified temperature, the thermostat closes the dampers to shut off the flow of air.

Usually, the main living floor is one zone, and the upstairs bedrooms are a second zone. This allows you to use the air on the main level zone during the day and then transfer to the bedrooms at night. Also, you can create other zones for specialized needs.

Why install a zoned HVAC system?

Every home has rooms difficult to heat or cool. Most homes have family members who desire different temperatures for comfort.  Large windows, high ceilings, multiple levels, and sprawling designs in a home are also good reasons to install zoned heating and cooling.

Zoned HVAC systems are highly efficient because they allow the homeowner to choose which rooms receive the warm or cool air to meet the family’s needs. Additionally, these systems can save consumers up to 30 percent off heating and cooling expenses.

Every homeowner needs to decide whether to replace their HVAC system or if the older system needs to be upgraded. Heating and air companies are valuable tools when making these decisions.

According to Energy Star, proper design, efficient equipment, correct sizing, and quality duct installation are all necessary to ensure high efficiency in zoned HVAC systems.

Atlanta Heating and Air Companies Are Ready to Advise, Repair, Service and Install

Replacements and upgrades require certified heating and air companies, which is why Estes Services hires only NATE-certified technicians to handle customers’ installations and services. Our professionals help you choose the correct system and provide you with an exceptional installation. So Contact Estes Services today! We serve communities throughout the Atlanta area, including Kennesaw, Decatur, Druid Hills, Peachtree City, Midtown and Roswell.