Heating and Air in Older Atlanta Homes

Heating and Air in Older Atlanta Homes

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Older homes in Atlanta face many heating and air challenges newer ones do not. Construction methods, lack of HVAC infrastructure and more make keeping your older home at the right temperatures difficult. Luckily, Estes Services offers the heating and air services you need to achieve ideal indoor comfort throughout the year.

Heating and Air Challenges in Older Homes

Let’s take a look at some common heating and air challenges older homes must face, and what you can do to deliver comfort in these scenarios.

1. Lack of Heating and Air Infrastructure

Homes built before modern heating and air systems were popular typically lack the infrastructure necessary to accommodate newer HVAC systems. Because older homes lack the ductwork needed to accommodate new forced air systems, the addition of ducts is the most significant and costly issue we see. Additionally, many of these homes lack central air and may still use radiator heating.

The owners of older homes do have options for upgrading their HVAC system with a brand new heating installation service or cooling solutions. The addition of full-size ductwork may be impossible due to construction and space limitations.

However, your home may be perfect for installation of a mini-duct system for central heating and air. Ductless mini-splits are a great solution and deliver zoned comfort.  Individual air handlers are installed in each space, on the wall or ceiling-mounted. Plus, multiple indoor units easily connect to an outdoor unit – no ducts needed!

2. Hard to Maintain Temperatures

Old houses in Atlanta are notoriously cold. Do you know why? Older homes simply are not as insulated as newer construction homes and allow much of the heat produced by the heating and air system to escape. So, this wastes your heating dollars.

First,  improve insulation in the home. Blown-in insulation is an excellent solution for attics and accessible wall spaces. Also, insulate gaps between floor joists. These improvements keep more heat in your home and therefore improve efficiency in your heating and air system.

3. High Ceilings

Many old homes in Atlanta feature beautiful high ceilings. Unfortunately, having high ceilings means there is more space for heat to rise which takes it from the floor level where you need it! Estes Services solves this issue with the installation of ceiling fans in older homes.

Use ceiling fans set to rotate clockwise during the winter and push warm air down to floor level where you benefit from feeling the heat. Ceiling fans should only be used when the room is occupied, otherwise no one is there to benefit from the fan’s effects and energy is wasted.

Plus in the summertime, new ceiling fans help your older home stay cooler! Use ceiling fans set to rotate counterclockwise and create a breeze throughout the room. This provides a chill effect and evaporates moisture from your skin. So, you’ll feel cooler without running your cooling system at a lower temperature.

Estes Services Handles Heating and Air for Old and New Homes in Atlanta

Heating and air in an older Atlanta home doesn’t have to be costly or inefficient. Estes Services offers the solutions older homes need for improving comfort and efficiency. So contact us now to discuss solutions for any heating and air issues.