We know furnace or heating system replacement decisions are big. Your HVAC system is probably one of the biggest investments in your home. You may have moved into a home with an older, inefficient system and wish to upgrade, or your system just quit for good. Either way, Estes Services is happy to work with you for the best solution based on your Atlanta home, your energy goals and your budget.

At Estes Services, we offer various heating products and finance options to help spread out the cost while you enjoy more comfort and energy savings today. Whether you’re curious about a new system or need one immediately, we are here to help. 

Atlanta Heating Installation

Heat Pumps

Popular in the south, heat pumps both heat and cool your home. For heating efficiency, people go by HSPF, or Heating Season Performance Factor. Anything with an HSPF over 8 is good and the higher the better. 


Gas furnaces use something called AFUE (Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency) to measure efficiency. Eighty percent is the current minimum. Again, the higher the better. We install gas furnaces up to 98 percent AFUE. 

Ductless Heating Units

Ductless heat pumps are quiet, flexible and energy-efficient. Because they don’t depend on ductwork, they can be installed in a variety of settings. Boost the heating in one room or install multiple indoor air handlers to a single outdoor condenser unit for zoned heating and air. 

Atlanta HVAC parts | Wood framing and HVAC ducts in new home construction | Estes ServicesOlder Home? Improve Heating Efficiency with Better Insulation and Ductwork

Building codes have changed over the years, just like preferred appliance colors. If your home was built when avocado or mustard refrigerators were popular, request a visit from an Estes Services Comfort Analyst. The best heating system won’t help if a hefty amount of air escapes through your house like a colander. We can repair or replace leaky or degraded ductwork, add attic insulation, install crawl space vapor/moisture barriers and perform thermal envelope sealing.  

The Perks of Replacing an Outdated Heating System

Sometimes even an operable furnace should be replaced. When, you ask? Generally, any time that a replacement will provide you with more comfort for less cost. And that happens more often than you might think! HVAC tech is advancing every single year, and even replacing a system that is a few years old can bring you:

-Better comfort and heating quality

-Lower energy costs

-Improved home air quality

-Less frequent repair


-And more!