How House Insulation Helps Air Conditioning

How House Insulation Helps Air Conditioning

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House insulation has a significant impact on your Atlanta, GA home’s air conditioning system. Not all homes were built to be energy-efficient and lack sufficient insulation levels. This creates higher HVAC energy costs as well as less comfort in the home.

Learn how house insulation helps your cooling equipment and how to increase insulation levels throughout your home with Estes Services.

How It Helps Air Conditioning to Insulate Your House

House insulation slows heat flow through the home as well as prevents heat gain inside. It is a great benefit to your air conditioning system as it keeps cool air inside your home and blocks heat gain from outdoors.

These benefits help your air conditioner run more efficiently and reduce the amount of work your cooling equipment must do to keep your home comfortable.

With good insulation in your house, it’s easier to control the temperature indoors with less fluctuation from heat loss and gain. Because your cooling system runs less, enjoy lower summertime cooling bills and preserve your air conditioner. Your insulation, therefore, helps you gain more years of service from your unit.

Why Increase House Insulation

When there’s too little house insulation, a home loses up to 30 percent of energy because of drafts. Most older Atlanta homes were not built for efficiency, and the building materials used simply aren’t up to par with today’s energy efficiency standards.

Some older homes may not be insulated at all! Without proper insulation, your home isn’t as comfortable as it should be. Plus, your energy bills are higher than necessary.

Homes in Atlanta, GA fall into the Department of Energy’s Zone 3. Recommended R-values (the measure of insulation’s power to prevent heat that travels through) for homes in Zone 3 are R30 to R60 for uninsulated attics and R19 to R25 for floors.

Attics with an existing three to four inches of insulation should add R25 to R38 insulation to bring insulation up to the recommended levels. Walls often need more insulation as well. In addition to heating and air improvements, homeowners enjoy less noise. 

Types of House Insulation Services

Estes Services’ dedicated Comfort Analysts evaluate your Atlanta home to identify house insulation deficiencies which cause energy waste and discomfort. First, your Comfort Analyst selects solutions to fix the identified problems. Second, he or she discusses them with you. Finally, he or she ensures all your questions are answered.

House insulation services are an affordable method to seal air leaks and help your home retain cooling energy throughout the summer.

There are two common methods to add home insulation as well as improve energy efficiency and home comfort:

House Insulation Installation

Fiberglass insulation batts and rolls insulate a home between joists and studs. Batts are pre-cut sections of house insulation. Installation pros cut the longer rolls to fit the needed length.

This insulation material is commonly made from fiberglass, mineral wool and plastic fiber. Eco-friendly options using natural fibers, such as recycled denim, are available. This material comes in different widths to fit the areas needed.

Builders typically install this type of home insulation. This is because it’s easier to install in exposed wall, attic, and flooring cavities. To install this insulation later, the covering materials must be removed.

Blown-In Insulation

Blown-in house insulation is an alternative to premade insulation batts or rolls. Equipment blows fiberglass, mineral wool or cellulose insulation into areas.

This includes those difficult to reach, such as attics and wall cavities. Install blown-in insulation over existing insulation to increase your home’s R-values.

Blown-in house insulation is a newer and preferred method. It’s performed quickly and is less disruptive for existing homes.

Plus, blown-in insulation goes in wall cavities without tearing out drywall and disrupting your home. Instead of between joists, blown-in goes over them. 

In Conclusion: Estes Services is your House Insulation Expert – Let Us Insulate your Atlanta Home or Business

Add house insulation to increase the energy efficiency of your Atlanta, GA home. This service creates a more comfortable indoor environment as well as helps control heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

So Contact Estes Services today to meet with a Comfort Analyst and find the right solutions for your home.