HVAC Near Me: Atlanta HVAC Contractors Available Now

HVAC Near Me: Atlanta HVAC Contractors Available Now

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If you’re Googling for “HVAC near me” in search of reliable HVAC contractors in Atlanta, the pros at Estes Services have experience with any issue with heat pumps, air conditioners. and furnaces.

We help keep your home’s heating and cooling system in check during this unpredictable weather season. In this post, we outline the common issues associated with each type of unit and explain why you should call an HVAC contractor near you at the first sign of a potential problem.

Heat Pumps: Potential Problems

No matter the weather outside, your heat pump moves outside air to keep the temperature inside your home comfortable. Ensuring it stays in top form this spring is vital.

To keep your heat pump operating at peak performance, watch for potential problems to avoid having to pay for costly repairs or replacement. Common springtime heat pump problems include:

  • Faulty reversing valve: If your heat pump produces hot air when you want cold, a broken reversing valve may be the culprit. While it’s a common issue, don’t put off calling one of the licensed HVAC contractors at Estes Services to inspect your heat pump if you suspect this problem.
  • Worn out fan motor: Extended periods of sub-zero temperatures during the winter force your heat pump’s fan motor to work overtime, sometimes causing it to give out after pushing itself so hard to keep your home warm.

    An overworked fan motor has the ability to strain your entire heat pump system. Call an HVAC contractor near you in Atlanta to inspect your system before it causes your system to break down.

Air Conditioners: Shake Off the Inactivity

Your air conditioner likely went into hibernation over the winter, collecting a layer of dust on its condenser coils and experiencing some wear on its fan belt during its period of extended inactivity and exposure to the elements. Turning it on with these flaws puts added stress on your system and has the potential to cause it to break down during the first cycle of the season.

Having one of our certified HVAC contractors maintain your air conditioner and lubricate its motors during the spring allows your system to run at its best all summer long.

Furnaces: Preventative Maintenance

Your furnace use is likely winding down as the weather warms. Don’t worry, there are still ways to keep your unit in top shape during the spring. In fact, now is an ideal time to have one of our experienced HVAC contractors inspect your furnace.

Furnace service now means you’ll have heat when it’s most needed. You aren’t stuck waiting for HVAC contractors to order and install a new part during other times of the year. Spring is also a great time to replace an old furnace or heating system with a new one.

Call Estes Services for All Your HVAC Needs This Spring

Ongoing system maintenance won’t prevent all HVAC issues from happening. It does, however, extend the life of your system and helps catch any potential problems sooner.

If you’re looking for a reliable HVAC technician near you in Atlanta, call us to set up a spring tune-up with one of our licensed HVAC contractors today. We handle HVAC issues in Kennesaw and greater Atlanta, including Johns Creek, Midtown, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Buckhead, Decatur, Dunwoody and more.