Is Your Air Conditioning Ready for Baby

Is Your Air Conditioning Ready for Baby

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Prepare Your Home to Welcome a Baby with a Tune-Up of Your HVAC

Poor indoor air quality is a growing threat to newborns and their health. It’s invisible, and it’s hard to control without necessary tools and support from trained air conditioning experts. You can baby-proof your home’s air conditioning system and improve your indoor air quality at the same time, with help from a trusted heating and cooling company.

Estes Services offers new parents and grandparents reliable air conditioning services performed by licensed, NATE-certified technicians in the Atlanta, Georgia area. With proper maintenance of your air conditioning system, you will reduce debris, dirt, and pollen floating throughout your home. Fewer allergens will infiltrate your home, and your indoor air quality will be healthier.

A Healthy Cooling System Equals Healthy Indoor Air

According to the CDC, August is one of the biggest months for births. This means it’s also a big month for bringing new bundles of joy home. The first step in baby-proofing your indoor air quality is to schedule a tune-up for your air conditioning unit.

August is a crucial turning point for the heat and humidity, which will continue to come in waves through the rest of the summer. Your home will experience more allergens as the summer is winding down, and fall weather is gearing up.

Scheduling service now will reduce the amount of dust, dirt, and pollen accumulating within your air conditioning unit and ductwork.

A tune-up on your air conditioning unit will reduce the amount of debris build-up during the summer months. Keeping your unit clean will help it to perform more efficiently and deliver cool temperatures throughout your home.

Dependable climate control and consistent temperatures will keep your new bundle of joy happy and calm. New parents will be even happier with lower energy bills, which are the result of allowing a cleaner cooling system to breathe as it operates.

Contact Estes Services to schedule a tune-up on your air conditioning unit today! We will help you achieve a cool and comfortable atmosphere before your new baby or grandbaby arrives.

Our trusted HVAC professionals will inform you of any potential problems, so you can plan ahead before surprise repairs are necessary.

Combine IAQ Products with Air Conditioning Maintenance

Another way to keep a newborn or other children safe in your home is by installing indoor air quality products. These are designed to trap and eliminate pollutants inside your house. Consider how the products listed below can improve your indoor air quality everyday:

  • Media Air Cleaner: This device traps several different types of particulates, which float in the air and reduce your indoor air quality. It works with your air conditioning unit by trapping and eliminating allergens while your cooling equipment is running.

    Media air cleaners offer two options for installation, filter-based or duct-based. Contact Estes Services to discuss which unit is best for your home and current air conditioning system.

  • Ultraviolet Lights: You can protect your home against pollutants and allergens, with the help of high-efficiency ultraviolet (UV) lights. UV lights eliminate excess moisture and condensation formed inside your unit, and they prevent mold from developing in your home and cooling system.

    UV lights can sterilize the air handler coil, or they can operate only when the air conditioner is operating and purify the air as it travels through the air handler.

  • Dehumidifier: Although some moisture in your home is necessary, too much can be a bad thing for your baby. A dehumidifier helps your air conditioner remove excess moisture from the air. This keeps mold, mildew, and dust mites from forming inside your home.

Keep your new baby or grandbaby healthy by scheduling service for your air conditioning system, and by installing products to promote healthy indoor air throughout your home.

Our NATE-certified technicians are up-to-date on the latest advancements in the HVAC industry, and they will suggest the best indoor air quality products for your home.

Call Estes Services today to schedule a tune-up for your cooling system, or to find out more about boosting your indoor air quality.