Is Your Home’s Heating & Cooling Helping Your Asthma?

Is Your Home’s Heating & Cooling Helping Your Asthma?

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National Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month Is Here

May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. It’s an opportunity to learn more about preventing the causes of such respiratory ailments for the millions of Americans, including children, living with asthma and allergies. Do your part to create a healthy environment in your home, free of allergens triggering those with allergies and asthma.

Your heating and air cooling system can prove disastrous for your indoor air quality and the health of your loved ones when ignored. Know what causes indoor pollution in your home and discover steps to improve the air in your home.

Indoor Air Pollutants

The first step in creating a healthy environment for children starts at home and understanding the potential pollutants regularly reducing your indoor air quality. The air trapped inside your home is actually susceptible to more pollution than outside. Air stagnates in your home, especially when ventilation is poor and it’s impractical for fresh air to circulate throughout your house. There are also a variety of materials, chemicals, smells and other toxins penetrating the air you breathe in your home.

Dangerous indoor pollutants include lead, radon, VOCs, fire-retardants and formaldehyde. These contaminants are a byproduct of furnishings, chemical cleaners and paint on your walls. Your home can be tested for lead and radon by professionals to reduce the levels in your home. However, other common pollutants can be harmful when they go unchecked, such as:

  • Dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Pet hair and dander and
  • Mold and mildew.

Do Your Part at Home

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Atlanta ranks 76th in its 2018 list of “Most Challenging Cities to Live with Allergies,” and 16th on a comparable 2015 list for Asthma. There are many things you can do to reduce the pollutants in your Atlanta home.

The first is to schedule service on your heating and cooling system. Maintenance on your heating and air units at least twice a year prevents dust and other debris from accumulating inside your heating and cooling system. Excess pet hair, dander and pollen can lay dormant inside your ductwork, and when your heating and cooling system kicks on, it circulates these contaminants throughout your home.

Aside from servicing your heating and cooling system, you can perform other tasks to promote a healthy indoor environment. Check the air filter in your HVAC system monthly and replace or clean it when it shows signs of excess dirt or clogging. Filters are responsible for trapping and removing pollutants from your indoor air while it moves through your heating and cooling system. Dirty filters are ineffective and let contaminants slip through filtration, polluting the air in your home.

Invest in an UltraViolet air purifier to work seamlessly with your current heating and cooling system. The UV air purifier traps and kills illness-causing particulates before they enter your home. It can be installed with either your ductwork or your air handler, eliminating mold and bacteria spores circulating in the air. Even condensation in your heating and air cooling system is reduced with a UV air purifier, preventing mold and mildew from accumulating in your HVAC unit.

Interested in upgrading to a more efficient air conditioner or adding products such as dehumidifiers, UV air purifiers or media air cleaners to modulate humidity or clean your air? Estes Services is here to answer all your questions and if you have concerns about expenses, we offer multiple financing options. Estes Services is committed to helping you improve your energy efficiency and health today.

Create a healthy indoor environment for you and your children at home, especially if they cope with respiratory illnesses such as allergies, asthma or COPD. Schedule service on your heating and air cooling systems twice a year to reduce the amount of dust, dirt and other pollutants from circulating in your home. Call Estes Services for routine maintenance, service and any other heating and air cooling needs.