Keep Your Partygoers Comfortable During Your Holiday Parties

Keep Your Partygoers Comfortable During Your Holiday Parties

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The holidays are fast approaching and so are those holiday parties! This time of year can be chaotic and the last thing you want to deal with is a holiday heating and cooling emergency.  At Estes Services, we have the best HVAC maintenance for your furnace during the holiday season. Here are a few tips to get your HVAC system ready for your guests!

HVAC Maintenance

  • Thermostat Settings

Don’t make the mistake of turning your thermostat up to try and warm everyone quickly during a party. Added people, plus any cooking, will raise the temperature in your home easily. You can still achieve a cozy environment with a modest temperature. Setting your thermostat slightly lower will keep everyone comfortable and save energy.

HVAC maintenance takes care of the typical cleaning of your ducts and vents.  Our technicians can inspect your ductwork for any leaks or obstructions while clearing out pollutants that might cause your guests’ allergies or asthma to start up.

  • Flammable Objects

Prior to using your HVAC system for holiday heating and cooling, you should double-check the areas around your furnace. Blankets, holiday boxes, or other flammable objects shouldn’t be near a heat source because of the risk of potential fire hazards.

  • Air Filter

Changing or cleaning your air filter before using your furnace improves indoor air quality. Holiday heating and cooling can cause a lot of buildup that can be filtered back into your home and cause health issues.  

Holiday Heating and Cooling Tips

  • Thermostat Zoning System

Investing in a thermostat zoning system creates precise temperature settings throughout every square foot of your home. A zoning system allows you to close off sections of your home that aren’t being used, such as rooms that aren’t used during your holiday parties.

  • Weatherizing

Weatherization helps keep your heating bill low! You can help your furnace and heating needs by checking that your doors and windows are properly caulked and have weather stripping in place. Our technicians can inspect your weatherization and offer suggestions where needed.

Make sure your home is warm, cozy, and inviting by scheduling HVAC maintenance prior to the holiday season. Estes Services has the best technicians available to assist you with all your holiday heating and cooling needs. Call us today!