My Air Conditioning Unit is Struggling. Now What?

My Air Conditioning Unit is Struggling. Now What?

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Atlanta summers are hot and humid, which tremendously tests your air conditioning unit. If you notice your system operating less efficiently, producing weird noises when running, or notice higher energy bills, it’s time to ask for help. Sometimes these things mean more than just a regular HVAC repair. If you notice the following warning signs, call Estes Services to speak with a trusted HVAC technician.

Purchasing a new air conditioning unit can be overwhelming, and we can assist you with finding the right system for your home and budget. We offer special financing through Wells Fargo to help you with your new air conditioning unit purchase and installation. Estes Services has a special offer right now for additional savings on a new unit if you are a Gas South customer. You can receive up to $1,350 in rebates with approved credit on select equipment.

What Is the Age of Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Most air conditioning units last between 10 to 15 years with regular maintenance performed by an HVAC professional. If your air conditioner is over 10 years old, it’s time to upgrade to a more energy efficient unit. The older the system, the sooner it will break down unexpectedly and leave you reeling from a surprise expense of a new unit.

Are You Constantly Repairing Your Current Air Conditioning Unit?

If your unit isn’t quite 10 years old, but you are experiencing more repairs every season, a new air conditioning unit is the best solution. HVAC equipment, which continuously breaks down or encounters expensive repairs every time isn’t saving you money in the long run. The general rule is if the cost of repairs within a year is excessive, replace it before sinking more money into it.

Are You Uncomfortable During the Summer?

Your air conditioning unit helps with humidity control in your home. If you notice more moisture in areas of your home or condensation developing on windows, doors or surfaces, your unit might need replacing. A house with excess moisture causes you to feel warmer than you are normally. You will feel sticky and hot regardless of what your thermostat reads. Contact Estes Services and get the right air conditioning unit for your home this summer.  

Are Your Energy Bills High?

Higher energy bills are a significant warning sign that your current air conditioning unit needs to be upgraded. An older unit or one which experiences frequent breakdowns operates less efficiently over time. Compare your energy bills over the past few summers with this year to see if a change is present. Newer air conditioning units offer higher energy efficiency and savings compared to older systems. Estes Services will suggest the best energy-efficient models for your home so you can make an informed buying decision.

It’s time to make a decision about replacing your air conditioning unit before the summer heat kicks in. Don’t get caught with your system on the fritz when the temperatures and humidity sky-rocket. Contact Estes Services to discuss your options with our trained professionals and ask about our financing options through Wells Fargo.