Severe Weather Can Damage your AC Compressor

Severe Weather Can Damage your AC Compressor

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Protect Your Air Conditioning Equipment and More!

Hurricane season is here. With it comes the potential for severe storms and damage. Storms are unpredictable, which makes it hard to prepare for the havoc they wreak. Luckily, with the help of Estes Services, you can take proactive steps toward preventing major damage to your air conditioning system. By protecting your AC compressor and HVAC system, you also protect yourself and your family.

If you know the storm is coming, there are steps you can take and save yourself expensive damage in the long run. Before the storm hits, turn off your air conditioning equipment, including the circuit breaker.

In the event of a power outage, shutting down your unit will reduce the chance of circuits blowing. This can also insulate your AC compressor from “frying” when the power returns or if it surges. A power surge can also cause a fire, so keeping your HVAC system turned off will keep your home and family safe, too.

Another preventive step before a storm is to cover your outdoor air conditioning unit. A tarp will keep flying debris and damage at a minimum. However, only cover your outdoor unit during a hurricane or when hail is predicted.

Be careful, because during a thunderstorm or tropical rain, a tarp left on for days can trap moisture and cause rust, mold, or mildew to form inside your outdoor unit.

If you are unsure about how to secure your outdoor unit or need help, contact Estes Services. We can lend a hand getting your equipment safe before the hurricane or tropical storm hits.

The last safety measure to take is to bring in all loose objects from outside. Patio furniture, loose branches, or other debris can blow across your yard and hit your outdoor unit, damaging it in the process.

After the Dust and Debris Settles Around Your AC Compressor

Once a severe storm has passed and it’s safe to go outside, ensure your air conditioning unit isn’t damaged. If you suspect trapped water or debris, resist the urge to immediately turn on your unit. Instead, call Estes Services to schedule an inspection of your outdoor unit.

The AC compressor, coils and other components may be compromised. If the airflow is restricted by debris, it can force the unit to overheat. This excess heat can damage the AC compressor and result in an unexpected expense to repair or replace.

Once our HVAC technicians are called, walk around the outdoor unit and clear away twigs, branches or other debris potentially clogging the AC compressor and fan. Protecting your home against power outages and surges is easy with the help of Estes Services.

Not only do we offer comprehensive services and repairs for your HVAC system, we also provide electrical services, such as whole home surge protection. Keep your family, home and air conditioning system safe by calling Estes Services today!

Prepare Now for AC Compressor Reliability

Hurricane-generated storms are unpredictable and highly dangerous. With the right knowledge, tools and help you can protect yourself and your property. Estes Services provides service for your air conditioning system and will repair any damage caused by tropical storms and hurricane-related weather.

Call Estes Services today to improve your family’s safety and comfort with our HVAC and electrical services. If your AC compressor or other air conditioning equipment is ready for replacement, don’t worry! Estes Services also offers financing through a consumer finance partner to make replacing or upgrading easy and affordable for Georgians.