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Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

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The team at Estes knows that purchasing a new furnace is not a decision that should be made lightly. There are lots of factors that go into deciding if a furnace replacement is the right call. If you're sick of paying for costly repairs every season and are ready to start saving energy and money on heating your home, then it might be time to replace your furnace.

Repair Vs Replacing Your Furnace

What is wrong with your furnace now? Are the creeping bills bothering you, or is it a strong odor coming from your furnace? When was the last time your furnace was maintained?

The pros at Estes Services are your Atlanta furnace experts. Give us a call, and we can service your furnace and pinpoint the problems. We'll help you weigh your options to see if furnace replacement is right for you.

You may wonder when is the best time for furnace replacement. If you have your heating bill history, a team from Estes can run the math for you to help you understand how much a furnace upgrade can help you save.

Age of Your Furnace

Unless you are the original owner of your home, you most likely inherited the furnace when you moved in. You might not be aware of its age or maintenance history, but these are important factors to look into when it comes to considering a new furnace.

Most furnaces last about 15 years. If your furnace is past 75 percent of its lifespan , it is probably past its prime.


It used to be that furnaces were only 80 percent efficient. That was a builder's standard for many years. At 80 percent, this means 20 percent of energy is wasted. Today, it's possible to have a furnace with up to 98.5 percent efficiency.

Being more efficient can result in big savings. Not only will your gas and energy bills go down, but you can also apply for a tax credit for making your home more efficient. A newer furnace will also need fewer repairs, so you can save even more money!

Maintenance History

Knowing how well the previous owners maintained your furnace could be a big clue to what's going on. If you can't find a service history, or you haven't had any service on it before now, a furnace tune up might be all you need.

Furnaces should be tuned up before every season. Maybe your furnace has just skipped a tune up or two. An Estes Family Care Plan makes furnace maintenance easy.

Many homeowners put off big purchases like furnaces in their home because they're planning on moving soon anyway. But replacing the furnace before you move could make your home more desirable.

According to a survey done by Fixr, younger homebuyers are looking for efficient appliances, furnaces and lighting for their prospective homes. If you buy a new energy efficient furnace before you move, you may get your money back when your house sells.

Buying a New Furnace Is Affordable with Estes

At Estes, we understand that your family's comfort is a high priority that comes with a big price tag. That's why we work with you on special financing to make furnace replacement possible.

Call Estes Today for Your Furnace Replacement

If you're ready to stop expensive utility bills and start saving energy and money, then it's time to call Estes for a new furnace. We offer a variety of high-efficiency Carrier models that will be a significant upgrade to your home's comfort. Our professional team will work with you to find the best model to fit your space. Schedule an appointment with Estes today. Our heating and cooling experts can thoroughly diagnose your HVAC system and advise you on whether it's the best time to replace it or if your system still has some more life in it.