The Pros and Cons of Ductless Heating

The Pros and Cons of Ductless Heating

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Ductless heating, if you’re not familiar with it, might seem like a foreign concept at first, but it should absolutely be considered if you’re looking to add heating to areas of your home where it might not currently reside. If you’re building an addition or retrofitting an area like an attic or garage, ductless heating could be a great fit for your home. 

Adding a ductless mini split heat pump is a great way to expand your home’s living space by providing comfortable temperatures all around the home.

If you’re searching for a practical and cost-effective way to keep those areas of your home comfortable, a ductless system may be a good option. Many Atlanta residents end up installing a ductless heating solution because it’s easy and quick to install.

While ductless heating units are usually easier to install than other heating systems, your best bet is to call on a team of HVAC system professionals to install the system. Improperly installed systems can take a huge toll on your home’s overall heating.

Benefits of Ductless Heating

Advantages to ductless systems include:

Easy to Install

As the name might seem to imply, ductless mini split heat pump systems don’t require ductwork or vents to keep air circulating through your home. Instead, they need a 3-inch hole to run refrigerant lines.

Plus, because they’re lightweight, indoor units mount easily to your wall or ceiling. In fact, a professional HVAC technician can install a ductless heating unit in as little as a day.

Energy Efficient

Another benefit of a mini split ductless heat pump system is that they are energy efficient. They don’t have ducts for heat to leak into unconditioned attics and crawl spaces. This saves you more energy and more money on your heating bills than a ducted system. In comparison, traditional ducted systems can lose up to 20 to 30 percent of their heating and cooling through leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts.

More Control

Most households have family members with varying temperature preferences. In some cases, homeowners deal with uneven temperatures throughout their homes.

The ability of ductless mini split systems to control heat flow is a major selling point. In fact, one of the main benefits of ductless heating systems is that you can create and manage different heating zones throughout your home, each with its own thermostat. This provides comfort for everyone in your home.

Provides Cleaner Indoor Air

Potentially aggravating dust and particulates don’t have anywhere to float around in a ductless heating system, giving the added benefit of circulating cleaner air in your room. This takes common allergens away from your home, letting members of your household breathe easier

Additionally, a ductless mini split system also comes equipped with internal, multi-stage filtration systems to keep airborne bacteria and other allergens away. 


Nothing is more distracting in a home than a loud heating unit. Unlike ducted heat systems and window units, ductless heating systems are the quietest units you’ll ever find.

Potential Drawbacks of Ductless Heating

Despite all of their impressive benefits, not everybody will benefit from the addition of a ductless heating unit. Consider these potential disadvantages:

Overall Look

Some homeowners can find the indoor air handlers on ductless heating units to be difficult to decorate around, feeling that it sticks out like a sore thumb. Most, however, forget it’s there after a week or two and are able to decorate around the unit.


As with any piece of HVAC equipment, ductless heating units will need consistent maintenance. In order to keep it working as it should and to prolong its lifespan, be sure to clean it at least monthly.

If you have children or pets, you might want to clean it even more often than that, depending on the amount of clutter and debris that is present in your home.

Improperly Sized or Placed Units

If you fail to install a properly sized unit for the spaces you want to heat in your home, you might negate the energy efficiency of these systems and end up paying even more for heating than you were.

While ductless heating units can be installed by homeowners, you should contact a heating and air conditioning specialist to make sure that it is properly installed and will work as intended.

Contact Estes Services For Ductless Heating Service

Now that you know the pros and cons of ductless mini split systems, contact Estes Services If you’re interested in a new and energy-efficient way to heat your Atlanta home this winter. The service pros at Estes Services would be happy to help you consider a ductless system. We’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure that you’re comfortable using your new ductless heating unit. Contact us today to get started on your new heating system.