Think Air Conditioner First

Think Air Conditioner First

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Hosting Guests for Spring Events?

Spring holidays and get-togethers will be happening soon, which means lots of parties and planning for you. Aside from inviting guests and preparing amazing food for your party goers, there is another planning preparation task you need to deal with before the festivities commence – air conditioning maintenance!

Spring brings rising temperatures and extreme humidity, which is why it’s important to have your air conditioner or heat pump serviced before guests arrive. Discomfort is a terrible party guest!

Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance

Prep your air conditioner or heat pump this spring by scheduling preventive maintenance early. Most homeowners forget this important task and end up scheduling service in the middle of the summer while dealing with scheduling conflicts. By scheduling early, you avoid the rush and get your air conditioner serviced around your busy schedule.

Regular maintenance on your cooling system boosts your unit’s performance. This results in higher efficiency and a longer lifespan of your air conditioner or heat pump. It also preserves manufacturer’s warranties and by optimizing efficiency, lowers your energy bills as much as possible.

Replace Your Air Filter

Aside from scheduling maintenance on your air conditioner or heat pump, the air filter also needs to be replaced once every few months to ensure your system is running efficiently. Depending on your model, your filter may be cleaned and reusable or disposable. Your air filter becomes clogged or extremely dirty during the winter and the start of spring. Filters may especially need to be cleaned more often if you have pets or live in a high pollen area.

By replacing your air filter before the party season starts, you will ensure your home has quality indoor air for your guests and improve the airflow throughout your home. Excess dust, dirt and debris inside your cooling system will result in mechanical malfunctions and breakdowns if the filter isn’t replaced often.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Another way to keep your air conditioner or heat pump operating efficiently this spring is by installing a new programmable thermostat. With today’s technological advancements in the HVAC industry, a cooling system is only as strong as the thermostat communicating and controlling it.

By investing in a programmable or smart thermostat, your home will experience even temperatures throughout every room and adapt easily to the rising temperatures outside. Your guests will remain comfortable during your party, and you will experience lower energy bills from a more efficient air conditioner or heat pump.

Consider Upgrading Your Cooling System

Have your energy bills continued to climb year over year? If you’ve neglected regular maintenance or your unit is more than ten years old, it may be time to call Estes for a free estimate on a new system.

Air conditioners are radically more efficient than they were a decade ago. Heat pumps can suffer excess wear and tear because they don’t get a “reprieve” between seasons like air conditioners and furnaces do.

Call Estes Services to schedule a consultation and a qualified professional will assess your needs and go over all your options. Worried about the expense? Estes offers multiple financing options to help improve your comfort and reduce your utility bills immediately.

Make sure your home is ready for spring parties by scheduling maintenance on your air conditioner or heat pump. Estes Services offers a wide variety of services to prep your cooling system before temperatures rise and the humidity arrives. Call Estes Services today and let our experienced NATE-certified technicians properly care for your heat pump or air conditioner. Since 1949, Estes has maintained a tradition of integrity and quality service.