Thinking About Putting Your House on the Market?

Thinking About Putting Your House on the Market?

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Selling your home in this market can be rough, but with the right HVAC system, you can take control of your selling power! If you already have low energy bills, you are one step ahead in the housing market. If you are on the fence about upgrading your equipment, weigh the pros and cons of an HVAC replacement to decide if an HVAC upgrade or HVAC repair is the best option for your home’s appeal.

Pros of an HVAC Upgrade

There are several pros to installing a new HVAC replacement for your home. Considering the market is competitive and fluctuates greatly, investing in your home can draw more people in and might push a buyer to lean in favor of buying your house instead of one down the street. The pros to consider:

  • Adds Value: An HVAC replacement adds value to a home when it’s a high-efficiency model. Potential homebuyers will love the savings they will get when they purchase a home with a high-efficiency system. Modern Look: An HVAC upgrade shows your home is modern and offers potential buyers reassurance their new purchase will be comfortable right off the bat.
  • MLS Perks: You can include the new heating and cooling system on the MLS listing for your home when you first put it on the market. Adding the system after it’s on the market doesn’t guarantee future buyers will know it’s a new system.
  • Strong Contender: Makes your home a contender in the housing market if there are other houses nearby boasting they have a new HVAC system.
  • Transferable Warranty: An HVAC upgrade may come with a transferable warranty, and new homeowners will benefit greatly from having the most expensive equipment in the house under warranty. Most buyers are looking to improve their living situation, not take on additional liabilities with an older HVAC unit.

Cons of an HVAC Upgrade

Sometimes an HVAC replacement isn’t beneficial for homeowners. An HVAC repair might be the better option for several reasons:

  • Recover Costs: You might not recover the additional cost of an upgrade because not all improvements directly increase a home’s value. If you aren’t going to upgrade to a higher efficiency unit, the new unit won’t help you sell.
  • Not a Priority: Some buyers don’t care how old or new your HVAC system is, especially if they aren’t in the market to pay more for something not high on their list.
  • HVAC Repair: Depending on how old your unit is, your money might be better spent on servicing your equipment and scheduling an HVAC repair from one of our NATE-certified technicians at Estes Services.
  • Consider a Home Warranty: If a buyer is concerned about your HVAC system, you can always include a home warranty to cover the unit in case of a future breakdown.

Whether you purchase an HVAC replacement or schedule HVAC repair for your current system, both options will benefit you when you put your house on the market. Contact Estes Services for all your heating and cooling needs, including maintenance, repair and installation of an HVAC upgrade!