Two-Stage Cooling and Air Conditioning Explained

Two-Stage Cooling and Air Conditioning Explained

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Better Understand this Benefit for Comfort and Lower Humidity

Georgia residents are used to extreme temperatures and humidity levels, which is why they need their homes to be cool when it’s time to retreat inside. When your home air conditioning system struggles to keep up with the demands of the weather, or your energy bill increases every month, it’s time to take action.

Two-stage air conditioning units and heat pumps are designed to keep your home comfortable while performing efficiently. Estes Services knows the struggle of dealing with intense Georgia weather. We carry several options for your cooling needs, and our NATE-certified technicians will suggest the best choice for your home!

What’s the Difference Between Single-Stage and Two-Stage?

Before discussing the benefits of two-stage cooling and your air conditioning unit or heat pump, you need to understand the difference between single-stage and two-stage cooling systems. The main difference between the two systems is the type of compressor each system uses. A single-stage heat pump or air conditioning system has a compressor using one level of operation, which works to cool your home at full blast.

Two-stage cooling systems use a compressor operating on two levels, to keep your home comfy and cool. The compressor operates at a high setting on hot summer days, similar to a single-stage unit.

The second setting is a low setting designed for milder weather, when you don’t need as much cooling. A two-stage air conditioning unit or heat pump will operate on the lower setting by default, until the weather outside gets too hot. Then it switches to the higher setting, to keep your home comfortable.

The Proof of Two-Stage Cooling Is in the Results

Residents of Georgia deal with hot temperatures and high humidity for longer periods than people in cooler states. Counteracting warm weather and excess moisture is a full-time job for your air conditioning unit, which means a single-stage system isn’t the best option.

It will cycle on and off throughout the day, or stay on full blast at all times to keep your home cool. You will experience higher energy bills when your cooling system works continuously, as well as more wear and tear.

Make the switch to a two-stage cooling system today, and enjoy the benefits of two levels of comfort this summer:

  • Increased Energy Efficiency: Your air conditioning system or heat pump uses less energy when it turns on and off less often. By operating at a lower setting, your cooling system isn’t forced to start and stop repeatedly. It uses less energy to maintain consistent temperatures throughout your home.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Two-stage air conditioning units or heat pumps run in the lower setting more often, which allows your home to stay at ideal temperatures throughout the day and night.

    This also means that compared to a single-stage unit, the system removes more moisture/humidity from your air because it operates more regularly.

Take control of your energy bill and your comfort by upgrading to a two-stage air conditioning unit or heat pump. Two-stage units are designed to deliver ideal temperatures and humidity levels throughout the day, regardless of the weather outside. Contact Estes Services to learn more about two-stage cooling, or to schedule service on your air conditioning unit or heat pump.