Warranty vs. Guarantee: Do You Know the Difference

Warranty vs. Guarantee: Do You Know the Difference

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Many homeowners don’t know the difference between an HVAC warranty and an HVAC guarantee.  You were probably offered one or both of these when you had a new furnace or air conditioner installed. Furnace warranties and furnace guarantees protect you in case something is damaged or isn’t working correctly.  They give you peace of mind when your furnace or other HVAC equipment becomes a problem. Estes Services is standing by to help you with your new warranty or guarantee; just give us a call!

What is an HVAC Warranty?

Warranty on HVAC equipment is a legal agreement between the manufacturer of your product and you.  For instance, a furnace warranty is between you and the manufacturer of your furnace. The manufacturer is responsible for repairing or replacing the product if there are faulty components or if the unit breaks down.  The faulty component or product malfunction cannot be because of you or something the installer did. Some important facts to remember concerning an HVAC warranty:

  • Unlike a guarantee, a warranty isn’t always free.
  • It is the manufacturer’s legal responsibility to correct the problem.
  • Warranties typically only cover certain parts.

Voiding an HVAC Warranty:

Unlike a guarantee, a warranty can be voided if you don’t follow instructions. You must register your product with the manufacturer within the time designated by your warranty agreement. The HVAC product has to be installed properly by a licensed technician. You cannot use replacement parts from any other manufacturer or company other than the manufacturer of your product.  You must keep accurate records of when the product was installed and how often it has been serviced. Regular maintenance must be scheduled to keep your warranty valid.

What is an HVAC Guarantee?

A guarantee typically comes with a service or product at no additional cost to you. Usually, like a furnace guarantee, it’s a promise from a contractor to ensure your furnace or other HVAC equipment is repaired, replaced, or refunded if the product is damaged or something goes wrong with it. The most important things to remember with an HVAC guarantee:

  • A guarantee is FREE!
  • You don’t have to register the product within so many days after purchasing your new HVAC equipment.
  • Ask questions about your guarantee before investing.
  • Read the fine print and understand how your guarantee works.

Make sure you understand the difference between a furnace warranty and a furnace guarantee before you buy. Contact Estes Services for quality products backed by trusted manufactures and service performed by reliable technicians!