Winter Energy Conservation Methods

Winter Energy Conservation Methods

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Heating is a significant expense for Atlanta area households each winter. While heating bills vary depending on the type of fuel your heating system uses, it never hurts to find ways to bring these costs down. The winter energy conservation methods discussed below help you lower heating energy consumption, which will save money throughout the cold winter months.

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How to Save Energy During the Winter Months

There are many ways to reduce heat loss your family needs from your furnace, heat pump, or boiler to keep comfortable. These winter energy conservation methods help you do so through efficient system operation as well as making use of ways to naturally heat your home, and more!

Efficient Thermostat Settings

Program your thermostat to optimize energy efficiency when it comes to heating use throughout the day.

  • When the home is occupied and family members are awake, lower the thermostat to 68°, or lower if comfortable.
  • For periods when everyone is out of the house and during sleeping hours, turn the programmable thermostat down 7° to 10° or more – just don’t go lower than about 50° to avoid the risk of frozen pipes when outdoor temperatures near freezing. Doing so for just eight hours each day can reduce heat loss by 10 percent each year.

Heating System Maintenance

Take care of your heating system throughout the year to ensure efficient operation during the winter heating season. These important energy conservation methods don’t just keep heating costs in check – they protect your heating equipment, too!

  • Heating systems require annual maintenance each year – once per year for furnaces and boilers and twice per year for heat pumps. Have your system professionally serviced to improve its efficiency, performance, and longevity.
  • Check the furnace’s filter once per month throughout the winter, and change it as needed. As the heating system is used more frequently during the coldest months, you may find the filter needs to be replaced sooner than usual.

Window Coverings Strategy

Use your curtains, blinds, and other window coverings wisely throughout the cold winter months to make use of solar energy and keep out the cold.

  • During daylight hours, open curtains and blinds of south-facing windows. This allows sunlight into the room, bringing warmth from solar heat along with it.
  • After sunset, pull all curtains and blinds closed to prevent radiant heat loss that occurs when warm indoor air comes into contact with cold glass window panes. Window coverings also add an extra layer of insulation for older or inefficient drafty windows. Consider using heavier window coverings or those specially designed to boost energy efficiency during the winter months.
  • Limit cold air infiltration from drafty windows during the winter, and consider installing clear plastic sheeting or film over window frames. Seal the covering tightly to create a barrier against cold air.

Smart Fireplace Use

Homes with fireplaces often experience heat loss through the chimney. Use energy conservation methods to stop energy waste while enjoying the fire’s warmth and glow.

  • Make sure the fireplace damper is closed unless a fire is lit – an open damper draws warm air from inside the home up and out the chimney.
  • If your fireplace is outfitted with dampers at the bottom of its firebox, open them when in use. If your fireplace does not have these, crack a nearby window about one inch when using the fireplace, shut doors to the room, and turn down your thermostat to prevent heat loss.
  • If you do not use the fireplace in your Atlanta area home, have the chimney flue plugged and sealed to prevent hidden heat loss.
  • Make sure to caulk around the hearth to prevent heat loss and infiltration due to gaps between building materials.

Lower Energy Consumption This Winter!

Smart energy conservation methods help Atlanta homeowners boost efficiency when heating their living areas. In addition to practical tips to prevent heat loss, make sure to implement the energy conservation methods that involve your furnace, heat pump, or boiler. Maintenance tune ups and filter changes are critical for lowering system energy usage and so much more – schedule your tune up with Estes Services today, and stay warm this winter!