Schedule Your Annual AC Maintenance Today for Just $79!

In Atlanta, your air conditioning system is expected to work for over 2,800 hours each summer. However, many people don’t realize the importance of having an AC tune up each year. The same way you change the oil in your car to help improve gas mileage and prevent breakdowns, you should plan to maintain your air conditioner for a performance boost and longer lifespan.

Estes Services offers the heating and cooling system maintenance service you’re looking for! Count on our 70 years of experience to tune up your air conditioner in preparation for another hot Atlanta summer. Schedule your AC tune up from Estes today!

What Does an AC Tune Up Include?

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Maintaining your HVAC system can help improve cooling efficiency, lower energy costs, improve indoor air quality and increase your home’s comfort. Our $79 air conditioning tune up includes the following:


  • Outdoor Coil
  • Compressor Compartment
  • Electrical Compartment
  • Blower Compartment
  • Condensate Drain
  • Inspect and Clean Air Filter (if necessary)


  • Inspect Service Disconnect
  • Tighten All Electrical Connections (when necessary)
  • Inspect Compressor Contactor
  • Tighten All Low-Voltage Connections
  • Test Capacitors
  • Oil Motors (if applicable)
  • Inspect Bearings
  • Inspect Fan Blade


  • Inspect Thermostat
  • Inspect Condition of Line Set
  • Inspect for Proper Refrigerant Charge


The Importance of Air Conditioning Tune Up Service

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The main reason we hear that many Atlanta homeowners avoid routine air conditioner maintenance service is the expected high cost of doing so. Due to this fear, many homeowners wait until their home air conditioner won’t cool before they call their HVAC service company. At this point, not only do they have to typically pay more for repair or replacement than they would have for regular air conditioner maintenance, but may also find themselves waiting around on the hottest day of the year when their service company is backed up with so many other calls.

Having your heating and cooling system put on a yearly, regular maintenance schedule will pay for itself in lower repair costs, less aggravation and more efficient operation. Regular maintenance will pay for itself in lower repair costs and more efficient operation.

Reasons to Schedule Regular Maintenance with Estes

Tune ups and maintenance bring many home benefits. Our professional technicians will catch problems before they become bigger ones. For example, tiny refrigerant leaks caught during maintenance are not difficult to fix. But when the refrigerant levels become so low that the compressor has burnt itself out, you will have to spend considerably more.

The harder the air conditioner works to maintain a certain level of cooling, the more the electricity is used up. When the AC works at an optimum level, you save money on electricity bills.

Here are a few important reasons why you should call Estes for your cooling needs in Atlanta, Kennesaw, Sandy Springs and beyond.

  • Our business is licensed.
  • Our business is insured.
  • We are a family-operated business and not a franchisee.
  • Our clients can expect only the best service.

Join Our Estes Family Care Plan

Paying for preventive maintenance service may seem like a waste, but in the long run it pays off big for your cooling system. Make sure your home keeps you safe and comfortable with a preventive maintenance service plan with Estes Services! Our annual maintenance program that helps to prevent costly air conditioner repairs with a prepaid air conditioning tune up visit. Learn more about our preventive maintenance program!