3 Common Furnace Repairs in Atlanta

3 Common Furnace Repairs in Atlanta

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It gets chilly even in the south which means you may need furnace repairs in Atlanta this winter. Furnace use kicks into high gear to keep Atlanta homes warm and comfortable, so regular maintenance of your unit is important.

Despite your best efforts, you may run into a problem with your furnace at some point. Lucky for you, the pros at Estes Services specialize in furnace repairs in Atlanta, so you won't be sitting in the cold for long.

Furnaces are machines with several components, so any number of things could cause it to malfunction. We tend to come across these three furnace repairs in Atlanta most often. We outline what you should do if you suspect any of these problems below.

#1 Common Furnace Repairs in Atlanta: Blower Motor and Fans

Your furnace produces hot air and it needs a component to move the air into and through your home's air ducts. This is the function of the blower motor and fans. They tend to run a higher risk of wear and tear.

You may need Atlanta furnace repair in your home for the blower motor or fans if:

  • Your furnace is making strange noises, like screeches or grinding sounds, and emits a burning odor.
  • You don't feel any heat coming from your air registers even though your thermostat works.

If you notice any of these issues with your furnace, turn off the heater system to avoid any further damage. Then, call the pros at Estes Services to inspect it and make any necessary repairs.

Because broken or faulty blower motors and fans are among one of the more common furnace repairs in Atlanta. We can replace the worn parts and lubricate the moving parts to get your furnace heating efficiently again in no time.

#2 Common Furnace Repairs in Atlanta: Heat Exchanger

Your furnace's heat exchanger transfers heat from combustion to the air. Over time and years of regular use, cracks or other damage can cause your furnace to consume more energy.

Cracks allow combustion fumes to accumulate, leading to potentially dangerous carbon monoxide leaks in your home.

Due to safety risks, it's important to have an HVAC technician out immediately to see if a heat exchanger malfunction is an issue.

Your heat exchanger is a likely culprit of your furnace problem if you notice any of the following:

  • Unpleasant odor when your furnace operates.
  • Surfaces in your home seem dirtier. This is a byproduct of your furnace releasing soot into the air because it's not burning as efficiently.

To remedy the issue, call a licensed HVAC service technician. He or she will quickly determine whether the damage can be fixed or if a new heat exchanger would make your furnace run more efficiently and safely.

#3 Common Furnace Repairs in Atlanta: Thermostat

The thermostat determines when and how much heat the furnace will deliver throughout your home. Over time, corroded and unplugged wires and dirt buildup inside the unit cause its parts to wear down.

Call an HVAC technician to make one of the more common furnace repairs in Atlanta if you suspect something is awry with your thermostat, such as:

  • Air doesn't feel like the temperature set on the thermostat.
  • The thermostat is blank or unresponsive.

As with any other furnace component, the thermostat requires regular maintenance, which includes cleaning and rewiring.

Sometimes, it's less expensive to replace the thermostat than to have it fixed. If you're tempted to upgrade your thermostat to a "smart" model, be sure to ask us.

Not all modern thermostats fit all varieties of HVAC equipment. Based on your air conditioner, furnace or heat pump, we'll recommend specific thermostats so you get the most value from them.

Estes Services Handles Furnace Repairs in Atlanta with Ease

The HVAC service technicians at Estes Services have years of experience servicing and making these and other common gas furnace repairs in Atlanta. Contact us today to help you if you suspect any of the above issues are causing your home's heating woes this winter.