Are Dust Mites Invading Your Air Space?

Are Dust Mites Invading Your Air Space?

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Dust mites can be extremely annoying and troublesome to your health and indoor air quality. With valuable HVAC knowledge, you can get a handle on dust mites and other problematic allergens in your home.

HVAC Tips for High-Quality Air:

  • High-quality HVAC filters go a long way toward keeping your indoor air quality at its strongest. They're your first defense against pollutants. You want to install HVAC filters with at least a MERV 8 rating or higher. These HVAC filters are the best at trapping microscopic particles and reducing indoor allergens. Routine HVAC maintenance checks your filter and a professional will replace or clean the filter during the service call. Outside of regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance, you should check your filters monthly for excessive debris clogging your system.
  • Debris around the outdoor and indoor unit can cause dust mites and other contaminants to diminish indoor air quality. Dirt and debris can be sucked into your airflow, producing poor air quality and forcing your unit to work harder than necessary. Overworked systems tend to breakdown more often and the cost of HVAC repairs can stack up quick.
  • Registers and return vents carry dust throughout your home via airflow in your ductwork. Dusting prevents the buildup of dust around your home, but many people forget to dust the registers and return vents. Dust and other debris can become clogged in your ductwork. Contact Estes Services for an HVAC repair call to clear your ductwork for proper airflow.
  • The best way to keep your system running smoothly without constant HVAC repairs is with maintenance. Estes Services offers preventative HVAC maintenance. A professional will come out twice a year to check your system and perform a tune-up. During a maintenance call, any major problems with your heating and cooling system can be detected early. An early find before a malfunction occurs will cost less with a simpler HVAC repair compared to a full-blown problem at an inconvenient time.

Keep dust mites and other allergens at bay with regular HVAC maintenance. Estes Services offers maintenance for any heating and cooling system, plus HVAC repair for any problem that comes up. Call us today and get your indoor air quality under control!