Bathroom Etiquette Includes A Proper Exhaust Fan

Bathroom Etiquette Includes A Proper Exhaust Fan

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Many homeowners assume a bathroom exhaust fan isn’t necessary when there is a window in the bathroom.  Some might even think the AC ductwork can handle the added moisture.  This might be true if the weather was always an ideal 75° outside.  But weather and the seasons do not work like that.  Estes Services has the accurate information homeowners in and around the Atlanta area need when it comes to their bathrooms and exhaust fans.

Exhaust Fan Function

There are three purposes to an exhaust fan in the bathroom.  Bathrooms tend to be smelly and moist.  Exhaust fans are able to provide fresh air and keep the bathroom air dry.  Exhaust fans can also work in conjunction with a home’s heating and air conditioning system.  Don’t hesitate to locate a heating and air company nearby to find out more on the functionality of an exhaust fan.

Potential Mold Problems

An exhaust fan, especially one connected to a home’s central heating and air unit, is the best option for mold prevention in the bathroom.  When an exhaust fan is connected to a central heating and air system by a trusted heating and air company, the potential of mold growing decreases drastically.  Any humidity in the bathroom can be removed through the exhaust fan and through the AC ducts to be vented outside.  These bathrooms are at a higher risk of mold growth:

  • A small bathroom  
  • A bathroom where most of the family takes their showers
  • Bathrooms with airtight ceilings and walls
  • Bathrooms with poorly insulated surfaces

Exhaust Fan Options

When it comes to choosing the best exhaust fan for a homeowner’s bathroom, there are a few things to consider.  A good exhaust fan is should be properly sized to your bathroom, offer energy efficiency, and is quiet when operating.  An HVAC contractor will measure your bathroom, install additional AC ductwork, and connect the exhaust fan to your current heating and air conditioning system.  

For homeowners in and around the Atlanta area who are searching for answers from trusted heating and air companies, Estes Services is able to help!  Contact us today and we will offer suggestions for your bathroom exhaust fan problems and install a new fan to work with your heating and air conditioning system!