Homeowner’s Heating Maintenance Checklist [2020-2021]

Homeowner’s Heating Maintenance Checklist [2020-2021]

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Despite what some people might think, people from the South know how cold it can get during the southern winters. At Estes Services, we want you to be prepared for whatever weather comes your way. Follow the heating checklist below for proven ways to keep your HVAC system running smoothly even when temperatures drop to all-time lows. With the right heating system preventive maintenance performed either by yourself or a professional, your HVAC system will last all winter long without breaking down or experiencing any hiccups.

Home Heating Maintenance Checklist

There are several things your system needs now to prepare it for the next cold front. Some proven ways to boost your system and make sure it’s working properly for the impending winter include:

  • Schedule heating system maintenance to prevent any breakdowns in the winter months. A heating and air conditioning professional will inspect your system for any damaged parts, perform any necessary repairs, and clean your system to improve performance and efficiency. Our maintenance, among other things, includes inspecting the heat exchanger, electrical connections and all moving parts.
  • If you already had your heating system serviced before winter arrived, check your furnace filter. Continued use of your unit because of cold winter weather leads to a dirty or clogged air filter that needs to be changed before the winter season is finished. A clean filter will also prevent dust and debris buildup in your ductwork, keeping your airflow clear of any obstructions.
  • Adjust your thermostat settings to keep your system’s efficiency at its peak. Set your thermostat at a comfortable 68°F during the winter, which will keep you comfortable but also save you money on your heating bill. If you have an older thermostat model, consider installing a programmable or smart thermostat in your home. They allow for customized settings based on your family’s schedule and make your HVAC system more energy efficient year-round than an older model.
  • Inspect the area around your heating system and make sure nothing is interfering with the airflow of your heating equipment. Items stored around the unit can block the flow of air, forcing the system to use more energy and work harder for proper airflow.
  • Check your vents throughout your home. Ensure nothing is blocking your supply and return registers, such as rugs or furniture. Move any items interfering with the airflow from your registers and vents. This will allow warm air to flow throughout the home more easily while saving you money as your system doesn’t have to work as hard to warm your home.

Monthly Heating Checklist

There are a few extra things you can do as preventative measures for your heating system each month. A heating system tune up will keep repairs few and far between and keep your system’s performance high while heating your home.

  • The best way for you to keep your heating system operating efficiently during the winter is to check your HVAC filter monthly. Your system probably runs very frequently during the colder months, which pulls more contaminants out of your indoor air and in through the filtration system. When the filter works harder to clean your indoor air, it becomes clogged faster. If you notice upon inspection that the filter is gray or caked with debris, change it immediately.
  • If you have a heat pump, inspect the outdoor unit for any debris or other obstructions preventing adequate airflow. Check the unit every month for anything blocking the airflow. Heavy snow or ice forming on the unit can obstruct airflow, so be sure to cross that off the list as well. Be thorough and check to see if anything was damaged due to debris or a storm. If anything looks damaged, call Estes Services and schedule an HVAC repair on the outdoor unit.
  • A monthly inspection of your vents and registers will prevent accidental disruption of the airflow from your heating system to the rooms in your home. Blocked vents stop optimized airflow from circulating and lead to your system overheating.

Contact Estes Services for Heating Services Today

Schedule your HVAC maintenance with the professionals at Estes Services. We will keep your heating system running efficiently all winter long. Regardless of if your system ultimately needs any repairs or a replacement, we’ll be able to completely perform the necessary services. Contact us today to schedule preventative furnace maintenance with a NATE-certified technician.