How to Even Out the Temperature Around Your Home

How to Even Out the Temperature Around Your Home

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Some homeowners in our Atlanta, Georgia, service area struggle with evening out the temperature in rooms during the summer months. One area may be nice and comfortable, while other areas are too hot or too cold. Achieving balance can be a challenge. Estes Services shares solutions to give you more even temperatures across all living areas, keeping all your indoor spaces comfortable this summer season.

Achieve Balanced Temperatures Across Your Home with These Tips

If you experience difficulties with balancing the temperature in rooms, there are several solutions to test. Some are easily performed DIY style, while other solutions require the help of your trusted HVAC professionals. Below, find Estes Services’ top tips to help you achieve balance and learn how to fix uneven temperatures in rooms throughout your home.

  • Adjust vents throughout the home
  • Utilize the HVAC system fan
  • Seal duct leaks

Adjust Vents Throughout the Home

Cooling enters living areas via vents in the floor, ceiling or walls. The vents connect to the duct runs that distribute cool air from your central cooling system. Temperature discrepancies from one area of the home to another can often be traced back to the distribution vents.

Furniture, rugs and even dirt create blockages that cool air cannot overcome as it tries to enter the room through a vent. Vent covers with louvers that open and shut the unit are also sometimes closed to restrict heating to an area in the winter and accidentally left closed once the seasons change. Or, the toggle that adjusts the vent’s louvers may be bumped by accident at some point, which opens or closes the vent enough to disrupt temperature balance in that area of the home.

After you identify areas of the home that are too hot or too cold, check the vent situation in each room. Make sure vents are unblocked and cleaned by moving furniture and other obstructions, vacuum away debris or remove vent covers to give them a thorough cleaning. Verify louvers work, and make adjustments individually to restrict cooling in areas that are too cool while allowing more air conditioning to flow into warmer rooms.

Utilize Your Heating and Cooling System’s Fan

Most homeowners choose to set the HVAC fan to AUTO so it only runs as the air conditioning system cycles, which is a wise idea if electricity conservation is your concern. But when you need to figure out how to even out the temperature in house areas, choose the ON setting.

With the fan’s ON setting selected on your thermostat, air circulation is increased throughout the home – not restricted to times when a cooling cycle runs. The fan keeps air moving, which helps temperatures become more even from one area of the home to the next.

Seal Duct Leaks

The average residence loses as much as 30 percent of its HVAC energy through leaks in the air ducts. Air conditioning is supplied to different areas throughout your home via different duct runs. If a particular section of duct is plagued by multiple air leaks or a disconnected joint, energy is lost so the living area supplied by that duct does not receive as much cooling as other areas of the home.

Heating and cooling professionals perform duct sealing to eliminate these duct leaks that not only cause uneven temperatures, but costly energy waste. Experts are also able to assess the design of your home’s duct system to see if it is designed to help you balance out temperatures throughout your home, or if it is working against you. In such cases, a new duct system may be the solution you need to fix temperatures throughout the home.

Master How to Balance Out Temperature with Estes Services

Hot and cold air spots throughout the home cause great discomfort for Atlanta area residents. Find out how to even out temperature in rooms and areas to achieve balance and better comfort this summer when you call Estes Services for assistance.