HVAC company steps in, cools off service dogs

HVAC company steps in, cools off service dogs

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Estes Services | Puppy Barn | Canine Assistants | Service Dogs | HVACATLANTA – When a local non-profit organization focused on training service dogs noticed one of their facilities was not staying cool enough, the phone rang and the problem was solved when an HVAC company was looking to help.

Canine Assistants received a call on September 14th from Estes Services whose timing couldn’t have been any better. After a brief conversation, they had determined the Puppy Barn had been warmer than normal this summer. The very next day, Estes sent a diagnostic technician out who identified and repaired the issue on the spot at no cost to Canine Assistants.

“We have a special place in our hearts for dogs, especially those designated as service dogs,” explained Tommy Estes, owner of Estes Services. “We knew this was something we had to do, to make sure all those dogs were not overheating. Having a canine mascot, Bo, we knew this was the right thing to do and look forward to finding more ways to help out such an awesome organization.”Estes Services | Puppy Barn | Canine Assistants | HVAC

Canine Assistants team members were doing what they could to keep the pups cool by laying out cooling pads to ensure the dogs were not overheating. Keeping the dogs cool is important because dogs have a slightly elevated body temperature in comparison to humans. The average hovers around 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit and a temperature increase in living conditions can potentially create health risks.

“The safety and well-being of our future service dogs is top on the list of importance to Canine Assistants and keeping them cool during the summer months is a priority. We cannot thank Estes Services enough for coming out to the farm to fix our AC system to make sure our dogs have comfortable kennels to stay in. Their 

commitment to the community is outstanding,” explained Grace Murphy, Canine Assistants director of development.

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The team at Estes Services looks forward to finding more ways to work with Canine Assistants. In the meantime, Bo encourages residents throughout Atlanta to visit Canine Assistants online to sponsor a puppy, find volunteer opportunities or identify items on the wish list to keep operations going.