Pet Owners Beware, Change Your Filters For Cleaner Air

Pet Owners Beware, Change Your Filters For Cleaner Air

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Atlanta homeowners love their pets but don’t love the issues they cause with indoor air quality and HVAC systems.  With proper HVAC maintenance on your heating and air system, you can ensure proper function and increased efficiency regardless of any problems brought on by your pet.

Pet Hair

Everyone knows most pets shed hair, but not everyone realizes how pet hair can affect the air quality in your home.  Pet hair is sucked into your heating and air system and typically is caught by the air filter.  When the system blows air throughout your home, part of the pet hair is recycled back inside.  The hair that isn’t cycled back can become clogged in your air filter.  Eventually the air filter becomes completely clogged and an air filter replacement will have to be installed.  If you go too long between air filter replacements, your system can become damaged and lead to a costly HVAC repair.

Pet Dander

A second major problem that comes from pets is their dander.  Pet dander consists of tiny microscopic flakes of skin coming off cats and dogs.  The dander is a common allergen for most people.  Air filters trap a lot of dander but without consistent air filter replacement, the dander builds up quickly.  

HVAC Repairs and Maintenance

The best way to ensure your system performs at its highest efficiency is to change your air filter more often versus homes without pets.  The air filter keeps your indoor air quality healthy and prevents future HVAC repairs from occurring.  Most people have their air filter replaced every six months during their HVAC maintenance repair – in a home with pets, it may be necessary to change it more frequently.

You can love your pets and love your HVAC system at the same time.  Our knowledgeable technicians perform any type of HVAC repair and preventative HVAC maintenance.  Call Estes Services today!