The Benefits of Home Ventilation Systems

The Benefits of Home Ventilation Systems

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Air sealing and increased home energy efficiency often come at a price. Poor ventilation is an unintended consequence of efforts to conserve heating and cooling energy, which can lead to discomfort, poor indoor air quality, and certain health risks. Installing a whole house ventilation system remedies this issue, helping your home maintain efficiency while providing cleaner indoor air for your family.

The Problem with Poor Ventilation

When a home’s ventilation is poor, the air volume within it isn’t replaced, which leads to a stale, polluted indoor environment. Sealing cracks and keeping doors and windows closed tight cuts off the natural ventilation many structures depend on to move stale air and pollutants out and draw fresh air in. A home ventilation system becomes necessary to exchange air between the indoors and outside for the benefit of the household.

Benefits of a Home Ventilation System

The average American is indoors approximately 90 percent of the day. With significant exposure to the indoor environment, it is important that the air supply be healthy and fresh. There are multiple types of home ventilation system equipment available that work to keep living areas comfortable without generating energy waste and uncomfortable temperature fluctuations.

Moisture Issues Are Kept Under Control

Poor air movement coupled with humidity-generating sources within the home create moisture problems that lead to discomfort and mold and mildew growth, which can result in allergy symptoms, respiratory issues, and even damage to the home.

A whole home ventilation system removes humid indoor air and replaces it with fresh air across the entire house. Spot ventilation equipment such as bathroom exhaust fans and range hoods is used to remove excess moisture in the air caused by activities like showering and cooking. The use of these systems reduces the likelihood of moisture issues and mold development within the home.

Dangerous Contaminants Are Reduced

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are released into the indoor atmosphere through a variety of sources, such as paint, cleaning products, pesticides, and even furniture or building materials in the home such as flooring or cabinets. VOC concentrations are higher indoors than outside due to poor ventilation. Exposure can cause short-term health effects such as nausea and difficulty breathing as well as damage to the central nervous system and organs, while some may even cause cancer.

Radon gas is naturally occurring within the soil and may enter a home through cracks in the foundation and other areas of infiltration. The gas’ density causes it to become trapped in areas that are poorly ventilated, especially those nearest the ground such as a basement or crawlspace. Radon exposure is linked to lung cancer.

Using a home ventilation system to improve air exchange also lowers concentrations of VOCs and radon within the home. As fresh outdoor air is brought in, air polluted with these contaminants is forced out which reduces the volume of these pollutants found within living areas.

Allergy Symptoms Are Minimized

Many Atlanta area residents suffer from allergies, and poor ventilation increases exposure to exacerbate symptoms right at home! Without a home ventilation system, it is easy for allergen particles to build up inside the home. Allergens are introduced to the living areas through pets, products used, and are brought in from outdoors. Without proper ventilation, they stay indoors and their volume continues to increase.

A home ventilation system continually moves these allergens and other indoor air pollutants out of the home, replacing indoor air with fresh, clean air from the outdoors. This means sensitive household members will not be exposed to as many allergy triggers so their symptoms and suffering can be reduced.

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