What Are Commercial Building Automation Systems?

What Are Commercial Building Automation Systems?

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As a small business owner, commercial property manager, or facility operations manager, you have a lot on your plate. Commercial buildings are equipped with several systems of specialized equipment used in daily operations and even business production activities, and flaws affecting any of these components could be detrimental to the company. Estes Commercial shares how commercial building automation systems can help you easily manage your facility’s essential systems and ensure they stay running at their best.

What Is a Commercial Building Automation System?

A commercial building automation system, or BAS, is a chain of controls and detectors that work with the main systems inside a building, such as heating and cooling, lighting, ventilation, fire safety systems, and more. Modern building automation systems serve as a centralized control for the connected systems, allowing you to manage all components from one system.

The beauty of commercial building automation is that it can be tailored to the needs of your business. Incorporate one major system or several to manage essential functions or gain precision control over every element. Working with a commercial building automation professional can help you identify which building systems should be incorporated and develop a building automation system that provides the level of control and oversight needed to help you achieve your goals, both immediate and long-term.

Why Is Commercial Building Automation Beneficial?

When you run a commercial facility, operating costs account for a significant portion of your budget. Implementing a smart commercial building automation system can decrease operating costs through improved energy management. Using a building automation system to manage indoor climates and lighting according to occupancy, time of year, or other important factors allows you to minimize waste with very little effort. Building control systems regulate use of heating and cooling equipment as well as lighting systems to keep areas comfortable and functional as needed to foster productivity, and energy is conserved when these areas are not in use.

Using a commercial building automation system is incredibly helpful for a facility’s maintenance teams. The consistent monitoring of system and component performance allows your team to be alerted whenever irregularities are uncovered. The data collected by the BAS and alerts given by the system allow your team to service equipment and make repairs or upgrades when needed, when it may otherwise take days or months to uncover a problem and pinpoint its source. Maintenance downtime can be drastically reduced by using commercial building automation to oversee operation of the building’s vital systems.

By improving energy efficiency and maintenance downtimes, commercial building automation provides immediate value to businesses – but these systems can also provide long-term value. Building automation systems have been shown to increase property values. Whether you plan to sell the facility in the future or intend to lease it out, the installation of a building automation system makes your business more attractive to potential buyers and lessees down the road. The same energy savings and maintenance response improvements that benefit your business will also offer advantages to the next business that moves into the facility.

Commercial Building Automation in Atlanta, GA

Estes Commercial helps business owners and facilities managers throughout the Atlanta, GA area gain better control over their buildings through commercial building automation services. Contact us today to speak with our team about your facility’s needs.