Have You Scheduled Your Heating and Air Service Yet?

Have You Scheduled Your Heating and Air Service Yet?

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September is National Preparedness Month

Most families have some sort of plan when it comes to emergencies. This may consist of an emergency backpack or a meeting place when natural disasters strike. National Preparedness Month encourages thinking beyond your typical emergency kit. One way to prepare for winter, in general, is to schedule heating and air service.

Estes Services wants you to be prepared for colder temperatures before they arrive. Heating and air service can reduce the chance of a sudden breakdown, which could leave you and your family in the cold. It’s not just a comfort issue; it’s a safety issue too.

Preparation Starts With Diagnosis

Did your air conditioning system do a great job keeping you cool during the summer months? If so, great! Before you turn off your cooling equipment, schedule heating and air service. During the warmer months, your air conditioner experiences wear and tear on the inner components. This increases the risk of breakdowns in the spring when you start your air conditioner up again.

Heating and air service cleans your entire unit, clearing away dirt, dust and other debris accumulated over the summer. Service also inspects your furnace or heat pump before you need it.

While your heating system is dormant over the summer, different allergens and pollutants build up inside and throughout your ductwork.

Schedule heating and air service now to diagnose potential problems which may occur in the dead of winter or spring when the seasons change. Catch smaller problems now and prevent unexpected and expensive HVAC repairs in the future.

Estes Services offers heating and air service throughout the year and offers emergency services 24/7. Avoid the stress of calling in the middle of the night or when you have guests. Schedule maintenance for your HVAC system now.

Create Healthier Indoor Air

Your health depends on clean and fresh air throughout your home. These days, most people are exposed to more indoor pollutants than outside pollution. Most homes are sealed up tight to prevent energy loss and the escape of conditioned or heated air.

This is great for reducing your energy bill; however, this also means pollutants circulate around your home. Pollutants include smoke, pollen, dust, pet dander and airborne viruses and bacteria.

Scheduling heating and air service ensures your filters are checked and replaced when dirty. The filter is responsible for trapping and eliminating dust, dirt and other pollutants before air moves through the ductwork.

Your heating and cooling system depends on a clean filter, to provide you with healthy indoor air and to also prevent airflow obstructions. Our NATE-certified technicians will inspect and change your filter during a heating and air service call.

HVAC service is recommended twice a year. If you are a smoker, have pets or live in a high-pollen area, we strongly recommend you change your filter more often.

Typical filter lifespan is every two to three months. If you have a loved one with allergies, asthma, COPD or other respiratory or immunocompromised illnesses, it’s best to check the filter monthly.

Call Estes Services for Heating and Air Service Today

Schedule heating and air service in the fall to diagnose and repair problems before they escalate into major disasters later. You will enjoy improved air quality and better performance with preparations for the end of summer and beginning of winter. Routine service also keeps most manufacturer warranties intact.

Call Estes Services today and take advantage of National Preparedness Month. Want the easiest solution? Get a maintenance agreement with Estes Services. Plans are available for HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. Whole-home plans are available too!