Prevent Spring Allergies Now with HVAC Solutions

Prevent Spring Allergies Now with HVAC Solutions

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Many Atlanta area residents suffer from annoying springtime allergies. While you aren’t thinking of them now during winter, it’s the right time to implement solutions that bring relief come spring. Estes Services has the HVAC solutions you need for better indoor air quality and fewer allergy symptoms.

Atlanta pollen counts in the spring are often within the high range, causing allergy sufferers symptoms that interfere with everyday life. Allergens such as pollen and mold don’t just exist outside. They make their way indoors when doors and windows are open, and are tracked in on shoes, clothing, and even pets coming and going!

Effective heating and cooling solutions help Atlanta homeowners fight against allergy symptoms, creating a comfortable indoor environment for their entire household.

HVAC Solutions for Springtime Allergies

One great way to combat spring allergies is scheduling HVAC system maintenance for your cooling equipment. Get your tune-up scheduled now to ensure your air conditioner or heat pump is taken care of in time for allergy season.

HVAC maintenance provides the care your cooling equipment needs to function effectively throughout the coming cooling season. Service removes dirt and debris from components and ensure pollutants won’t aggravate allergies.

Your system is equipped with a new furnace filter so contaminants are filtered out of circulating air, preventing allergens from entering your home. Consider upgrading to a higher MERV rated filter for improved contaminant filtration. Allergy sufferers in your household will thank you!

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Estes Services offers a number of indoor air quality solutions that control allergens in your home. The following HVAC indoor air quality solutions provide targeted relief for allergy sufferers:


High humidity levels in the spring and summer increase allergen concentrations in your home. Reduce allergens and prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which also cause symptoms. Dehumidifiers work with your HVAC system, keeping indoor moisture levels within a safe range to control allergens indoors.

Media air cleaners

Media air cleaners utilize high-efficiency air filters to remove contaminants circulating in the air within your home and HVAC equipment. They provide better filtration than your furnace filter does alone. Capture pollen, dander, mold, and other airborne allergens that cause allergy sufferers to experience symptoms indoors.

Ultraviolet air cleaners

Ultraviolet air cleaners are up to 99.9 percent effective in eliminating mold spores from your indoor air supply. When installed within your HVAC system, they treat air circulating through the equipment and prevent mold growth on your HVAC coils and in other system areas. They operate quietly and require very little maintenance, making them a nearly effortless solution for allergen control!

Estes Provides HVAC Solutions for Air Quality Issues

Take action against spring allergies now with the help of Estes Services! Implementing allergen-fighting HVAC solutions now puts you many steps ahead come spring. The systems and equipment you need to stop allergy symptoms will already be in place, allowing for their use as soon as pollen and allergen counts start to rise outdoors.

Our HVAC and indoor air quality solutions give you the tools needed to keep allergens out of your home and relieve symptoms. So contact us today to learn more!