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How to Install Flush Mount LED Lights in Hallway

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The hallway in your home can make an important impression on your overall interior design. Does one or more of your hallways contain outdated lighting? Is it time for a prettier passage for family and friends? Spring into the new season with new flush-mount LED lighting fixtures installed by the pros at Estes Services.

With the fast-paced nature of today's lighting technology, what looked good or fashionable just a few years ago can now be considered inefficient and outdated. Flush-mount LED light fixtures are an increasingly popular option for hallways. It's a simple yet elegant way to jazz up this space.

That's why, in this blog, we will go over when and how to upgrade your hallway lights with flush mount LED lighting fixtures in coordination with a licensed and trained professional.

Signs of Outdated Lighting in Hallway

There are a few common signs of outdated lighting in your hallway. Our expert lighting Atlanta electricians have put together a short list of the common signs that could indicate a need for new lighting installation in your hallway, including:

Yellowed lights

No longer fit with your design

Gaudy chandeliers

Same lights for decades

No LEDs for energy efficiency

Once you've identified whether you have outdated lighting, it's time to consider what kind of lighting fixtures to upgrade to. That's where flush mount LED lights come into the picture. Flush mount LED light fixtures are a perfect solution for your hallways. Here's the benefits of switching to flush mount LED lighting:

Flush Mount LED
These type of Flush Mount LED Lights can be installed by Estes Services.

Benefits of Flush Mount LED Lighting

Flush-mount LED light fixtures are a great addition to any hallway. They provide nice illumination for the purpose of a hallway. Since they come in many different styles and color options, you can work flush mount lighting effortlessly into the interior design of your home.

Additionally, LED lighting enables you to have better energy efficiency and choose between different colors and brightness. As you can see, flush-mount LED light fixtures are a perfect solution for your hallways. Let's now discuss the steps it takes to upgrade with a licensed electrician.

Steps to Upgrade to LED Flush-Mount

Once you've decided it's time to upgrade your hallway lights, your next step is to hire a licensed and trained electrician to ensure proper installation. While scheduling service with an electrician has a higher upfront cost, you have the comfort, safety, and peace of mind with proper installation.

When you schedule service with us, one of our licensed and trained electricians will follow proper installation procedures that include these steps:

  1. Head to the breaker box and switch the power off.
  2. Go back into the hallway, and, with the power now off, remove the outdated lighting fixture.
  3. Add ceiling mount for the next fixture, and then attach the fixture.
  4. Perform wiring.
  5. Ensure the fixture is secured.
  6. Head back to the breaker box, and switch the power back on.
  7. Adjust your settings to the LED light color of your choice.
  8. Enjoy your new lights!

Don't risk your safety with a DIY attempt. This is not only dangerous but could actually cost you more money in the end. Leave it to the professionals at Estes Services.

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